Wildae Restorations

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Mr.C.S.Ananth has had a lifelong passion for cars. In the early seventies he regularly participated in Car Rallies all over India, driving a Standard Herald & later a Fiat 1100. Though a Chemical Engineer by vocation, preparing rally cars gave him the knowledge of the automobile.

He began his career as an Engineer-Management trainee with an American Fortune 500 company. Thereafter he moved to Global Business of automobile components and engineering items with a Chennai based Auto component group. Later he became the CEO of India’s first automotive emissions company. Hence he is knowledgeable in both; automotive emissions and historic vehicles. After retirement, he devoted his energies to buy and collect vintage cars. This led to the next logical step- restoration and maintenance of these cars. Thus the foundation was laid for TEAMCSA.

Gradually, as the collections increased in number, the scope of work also increased. With his corporate experience, he built a professional Team. Since 2007 TEAMCSA has restored close to 60 cars

TEAMCSA believes in maintaining high standards of customer service. When the vehicle is under restoration, regular reports with pictures are sent to the owners so that at any point of time they are aware of the progress. Similarly reviews of the estimates are sent to the owners regularly.

TEAMCSA is pleased to announce that they have increased their capacity. Hence owners of Vintage cars desirous of concourse level restoration are kindly requested to contact us.