Wildae Restorations



Cars restored by TEAMCSA won 7 awards including 2 Concourse at the 2013 & 2014 Chennai annual shows

The Jaguar Mark 2 Restored by TEAMCSA won the Concourse in the post war European Category at the 21 Gun Salute International Rally held at Delhi in February 2016

TEAM CSA is proud to offer wooden spoke wheels for veteran & vintage cars, manufactured from original hickory wood & using CNC machines

Mr.Ananth was the chief Judge of the International Vintage car show held in Malaysia and Singapore in the year 2006
Mr.Ananth is the consultant for the GEE DEE car museum at Coimbatore, South India, which showcases technology of the cars from 1886 to latest Indian racing cars
Since Mr.Ananth is experienced in automotive emissions and historic vehicles, he has been appointed by FIVA to be an advisor to the legislative commission
Mr.Ananth is a Judge for the 21 Gun Salute International Rally being held in India every year
Cars Restored by TEAMCSA have been invited to participate in the Cartier Show 2017
Two cars restored by TEAMCSA won the best of class (First prize) at the 21 Gun Salute International Rally 2017. One was the 1949 MG TC in the Roadster class and the other was the 1914 Benz in the Edwardian class.
The 1948 Pontiac restored by us won the Maharaja prize at the 2018 21 Gun Salute International Rally.